Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pope Dope and all that

Mish Mash at Cargo this coming saturday (5th August) is House Band launch night! Just like the cool all day buffet table seated joints in Vegas we got ourselves a HOUSE BAND! They will play a bit and then press the whigg-out button and jam with Oscar and I...should be cool. Better than that is Vatican DC who are playing too. They are rather spiky and leap about a lot - i have known their front man (Irish Steve) for some time and can let you know that his Mum is happy as he now has found something he is good at! really good at!!

I will get a few piccies of The House Band and Steve cavorting for the next installment - better rest your eyes until then.

The image above is of a few cats rockin down at Turnmills where i played a week or so ago - it was ace. Nice to chugg it out with some slow disco and then sock it to 'em with some more acidic and maximal sounds. Sir Roger of Sanchez was playing next door and he had smoothed off all edges leaving the crowd in euphoric states of you know what. I spoke to some dude who had cancelled his holiday to catch Roger's set...crikey! Zak Frost who invited me to room 2 did an excellent job as did Simon Acetone. I recommend that one for future.

But that was a while ago - more pressing is this Friday 4th August when Oscar and i play a little basement joint in the Cafe de Paris on regent St...swanky or what?

Until next time - live large on the leaky barge!



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