Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mocky at Mish Mash - Saturday

This Sat 3rd June at Cargo we welcome back the wonderfully talented Mocky (www.mockyrecordings.com) who will be playing live and exclusively at Mish Mash. He brings his full band to showcase his brilliant new album “NAVY BROWN BLUES “ Featuring the likes of Gonzales and the UK’S Jamie Lidell, Mocky's PJ wearing weary lounge hop is always a thrill. This is Mocky's new direction away from Laptop tweakery and going completely live. A more mature sound...yes, but still with that twist of lyric that we know and love. With tracks like 'Mickey Mo**e Muther**cker' and 'How Will I know You' being stallworts of his set - his new material will only expand on those older gems. He is joined by his tour DJ MICKEY MORPHINGAZ and Mish Mash’s own Oscar Fullone and me for the official start of the Mish Mash summer season. So dont forget your hanky for your head and the sock n' sandle combo!

See you there!

Mish Mash
Sat 3rd June
Cargo, London

Mocky .....Live at about 11pm GMT

Official tour DJ MICKEY MORPHINGAZ and your hosts

DJ’s Oscar Fullone and Rev Milo Speedwagon,

£6 before 9pm, £10 after

Oscar Fullone


Venue enquiries : 020 7739 3440


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