Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gogol Bordello Go! man Go!

Hot on the lips of every trendy arsed Numpty the band Gogol Bordello played the Astoria last weekend...unlike all Numptys, i had the fortune of checking out the gypsy punks.
Bloody hell! What a gig - one of the best i have been to in London for years and years.
At first i was a little non plussed as it all sounded a little bit rinky dink 'we are gypsys but we like punk'...but then, as my foot started tapping, my neighbouring student ravers started egging the security guards to 'come and have a go i they think they're hard enough' and my fist started punching the air...i got carried away to the ska'd up balkan bashment that are the Gogols .
By the elongated finale with its tarrantello like speed and duration with the lead singer surfing the crowd whilst standing on his bass drum screaming into the mic in his hand i was a convert.
I have yet to check their LPs - but you must see them live!
To top it all - Eugene Hutz, the lead singer (a cross between Iggy Pop and Shane McGowan) hung out in the crowd for a chat afterwards - maybe he was looking for nymphettes to drag backstage? Not that he would have to drag that hard!
A killer band - SEE THEM!


Blogger weasel said...

And to think we were dancin' and fruggin' to the Bordello at me weddin' a week or so ago... Deepest, darkest Maine loves to slink around to "Start Wearing Purple".

7:12 PM  

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