Sunday, February 26, 2006

Robots can be freinds too

Here is My Robot Freind playing at Fabric the other weekend. It was a Friday night and the ace dudes from 'Adventures in the Beetroot Field' were running room 2 while Wall of Sound took care of the main room where i finally got to check out My Robot Friend.

Playing a jaunty set of electro pop while videoing himself from his flashing helmet MRF took the crowd by storm - One of his new tracks featuring a violinist with bug-like antennae which illuminated her face and fiddle was a high light.
I hung out with Deven Miles and his ace cycle fiend lady friend, Tim from the Lock and the marvellous Mo from the Glimmers.

A good night was had by all and i managed to talk grand pianos with a scots banker, swimming trunk design with a much slimmer Curly and festival plans with my ex producer from Kiss - Lady C.

I recommend Fabric to anyone who wants a big room night with small room bands - their programming is second to none and its just a short (if wobbly) ride home for me.
keep up the good work Fabric



Anonymous Anonymous said...

loving your style dude - keep up the good work and i hope to come with you on a night clubbing mission before too long!!! its been fuckin' ages...



5:38 PM  
Blogger Rev. Milo Speedwagon said...

Cheers 'The Force'
sorry about delay in reply - i've been holed up with the Libyans!
Mega rave coming your way soon!

4:22 PM  

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