Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Only one Juan Maclean

What a cracking set Juan Maclean did for us at Mish Mash last saturday at Cargo.

Not only did he build up sonic barrages of beauty but he stashed his cowbells down his trousers and got his cohorts to whack them at will - but he also rigged up some kind of sample trigger to his hand so he played keys, sang and whacked stuff to fire off handclaps and all sorts of other sounds.....bloomin genius!

His set of around fifty minutes played most tracks off his LP, Less Than Human, plus some extra stuff i was not too familiar with. Extra special track for me was Tito's Way which was superb and really got the crowd going. I got the set recorded so i hope to have it broadcast on the Radio Speedwagon show - failing that i will sort out some kind of podcast nib jib here on revmilo blog.

If you get the chance - go and see Juan Maclean and his band of dudes in hoodies who play like demons posessed you won't regret it. They play rock music in a dance way with peaks and troughs using tight rythms, solid synth sounds, whoomping bass with live disco claps and percussion - basically, music for the head, heart and feet.

See you down the mosh pit!



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