Friday, November 25, 2005

Disco A-Go-Go

THANK YOU for coming down the T Bar last night all you ace dudes! Yeah....ALL of you.

I hope you dug the slightly more rock n roll selection?

Thanks to Jamie and Derren for extending their welcoming arm of hospitality to myself and G-Force Fisher (the NoWave hero)

Talking of G-Force....really nice to hang with you again dude-king and thanks for being my sherpa extraordinaire. My fave track he played was Rock and Roll by The Velevet Underground (a new one on me). That and Viva Voce - Wrecking ball (this one is a bit like a soft Sonic Youth...ace)

Tracks that were enquired about were Jamie T (a one man band with guitar that sounds a tiny bit like The Streets), a Balaeric classic that G played by Temple Head - it took one listener back to the Whirlygig....ooooohh and a track called Miracles by Supersystem (who i saw play on wednesday at Blowu Metro and was mightly impressed - check my radio show for the interview with them to be aired in a few weeks).

Hopefully we will be re-running the fun again down the T Bar....NoWave rises like a phoenix from the the sonic tsunami!



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