Friday, December 02, 2005

I must stop drinking so much!

What a wally i am. Maybe i need glasses? Maybe i am experiencing 'mature moments'? Maybe i should not drink so much?

Why all this self beef i hear you ask? Well, i popped out last night to my freind Pete Herbert's birthday bashment in soho (The Player...home of quality disco action) and i bumped into a few old chums...One of which was the marvellous Judy who is always a becon of hope in the valley of rave. Of course, i managed to louse up the night by totally forgetting Judy's name and embarrassing both of us.

I have only one excuse for my lack of memory recollection skills and that being every time i have met Judy i have been rather pickled, it always being late in the night....So, from this day on i drink a bit less (failing that i photograph all i meet and practice the name game before going to bed)

Sorry Judy - it is always nice to se you! She is fourth person along from the left, top row on the link below (the cool one)

One day until Juan should be a goody. Oscar and i have a few mega gems up our sleeve for the big night...make it!



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