Monday, November 28, 2005

I was Noised!

What a jolly weekend. The Queens of Noize night at the 333 was good fun - No pics as my camera has gone for a Burton - It started off a bit slow but the Whoremoans DJ duo (apart from having a cool name and a good choice of tune) started to wind the pressure.
My mates Chode and Jo were there and cavorted about with drunken aplomb.
I played a set of rave-rock which went down badly...i stifled it as long as i could before the BIG ONES came know...the Karzee Chefs, Fritz Ferdinand and the like.
Still managed to get a few indie rockers bogling to some dancehall - job done!

Extra mention to Ralph and the Ralphettes for their outfits and machine guns. Top marks to Shitdisco and Supersystem for good live sets down in the 'dark room'.

Also, nice to chat with Suzanne from the band NoBra who i have seen for years but never spoken to - i look forward to seeing their band sometime.

Cheers Sam and Shaun for the bevvies and especially to Tabs and Mairead for having me...not in that way!

Hold tight for The Juan MacClean gig at Cargo.....3rd December....whoop whoop



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