Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mish Mash Was a Hoot

Hi There

Apologies for the absence - the Speedwagon clan has gained a new member...Gloria ( (bravo Mrs Speedwagon!). Gloria is rather demanding but very charming. More about her later - check this lot out in the mean time!

This 3rd of Feb Mish Mash welcomed Spektrum ( and Kid Carpet ( live in the main room. ACES! (Two of our favourite bands of late!). The Kid played some new tracks off his unreleased LP and Spektrum walloped out a sterling set of electro-bass funk with aplomb. We recorded their sets so will have a podcast available soon for you to have a listen to.

We also had the hot female duo 'Show Your Bones' (
warming things up in the bar with their indie rock n rave action and finally a new project from of two secretive and well known music aficionados hosting the back room under the moniker She Don’t Care (mmm who could that be in '07?)

Not forgetting the Creative Intelligence ( brothers who provinded music for the eyes!

What a night - keep checking for next month's instalment!



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